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Reducing Zoom Fatigue

During the past year, I noticed certain psychological effects, like feeling tired or uncomfortable from the increased use of Zoom in meetings and lectures. Researching online if others experienced the same, I stumbled across a paper on “Zoom Fatigue”. 246 palabras más


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387201-387206 to go on loan to Great Western.

387207-209 to go to GN on loan.


Marks Travels: Leeds Saturday 29th May 2021.

Mark’s report from his latest trip:

This log is from Saturday 29th May to Leeds. Darran was with me but did his own moves up there. 242 palabras más


NSFW - This had me laughing so hard

Okay, so I felt like this was absolutely the right audience to share this with.

I’m a fan of Akidearest on YouTube she’s an adorable, geeky, American living in Japan and she posts videos about anime, living in japan, the Japanese themed Cafes, a bit called “Why japan” where she tries things she finds in Japanese shops and rates them for usability, price point, would she keep it etc, and other aspects of geekdom, cosplay and living in Japan. 95 palabras más


MHM - So Angry

So some stuff is making me really really angry this last week. So that’s what we talked about today in therapy.

I’m angry at my neighbour, she’s annoying me by constantly “quitting smoking” which just means she stops buying them and asks me for multiple smokes a day. 585 palabras más

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PASH! June 2021 Issue (Holostars' Rikka's solo interview) EN TL

He has charmed many with his excellent composition and his technique for singing with a guitar! Here we are interviewing Rikka, an artist who is trying to break through all the boundaries with music! 2.174 palabras más


Google closes its dedicated London start-up space

Google has decided “not to reopen” Campus in East London after it was forced to close by the coronavirus pandemic. 38 palabras más