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Open doors and open arms.

Signpost for Sunday 22 August: 1 Kgs 8:(1,6,10-11),22-30,41-43; Ps 84; Eph 6:10-20: John 6:56-69.

I think that if I was in church this week (which I can’t possibly be because we are in Covid lockdown here in New Zealand) then I would struggle to see what his week’s readings from the Lectionary are all about. 724 palabras más

Dead Person Bingo (plus Dali and Gaudi)

Today was our first day of wandering around the city. We were here last weekend, but we were still getting adjusted and settling in. Today, we were in full venture out and see things mode. 913 palabras más

Light and Lightness in Sagrada Familia

Although the Rock of Gibraltar is as awe-inspiring and graceful as it has been for the past 2 months which I have spent at its foot, I began to long for a change of scenery. 702 palabras más

Colònia Güell (Santa Coloma de Cervelló)

In 1890, Eusebi Güell decided to move his textile factory from a busy district in Barcelona to an area near the village Santa Coloma de Cervelló, about 20km from Barcelona. 473 palabras más


Singapore: 7 Places to Go in Balestier to Make you Feel that you are Travelling overseas.

With Covid-19 restrictions not going to be relaxed soon in Singapore, we can only travel around and rediscover our small sunny Island. Companies have come up with cool… 1.576 palabras más



housewife by Stefanos Papachristo, flickr

Mrs. Sanderson remembered when she first started thinking about corners, particularly the corners in a room. It was when she first felt the love of Lawrence. 1.331 palabras más

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