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New Beginnings

There’s something magical about spring.

It’s true that where we live, every season brings its own beauty and joy.

The sun and heat of summer, lake life, water sports, golf and gardening, and those long, warm evenings, sometimes with a thunderstorm for entertainment. 275 palabras más


The Summer Begins

Back in the saddle. I mowed the lawn, sprayed weeds, trimmed the blackberry bush, and planted pumpkins. Though our last snow just melted, (I finally unplugged the roof heat tape), it feels like we are skipping spring and launching straight into summer. 275 palabras más


2021 Planting Days

It is time! We finally put all the plants into the wall garden beds. We have been thinking of this moment since we put the last wire in to tie off the last section of wall we filled. 1.515 palabras más


Hydrangea Problems...Leaf-tiers

Hydrangea leaf-tiers (Exartema ferriferanum), are a small moth whose larvae, (a tiny green caterpillar with a black head), sew terminal leaves together with a silk thread. 545 palabras más


Mother Nature, From Hawks to Cottontails and More

For the first time this season I was able to go out to plant a few plugs that arrived 2 days ago – some geraniums, lobelia and asters. 572 palabras más


I missed the shot!!!

I was thoroughly enjoying touring my mother-in-law’s garden with her. She was describing different flowers and what changes she wanted to make, which plants we could come and get some of for our gardens. 184 palabras más