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Square Enix Creates A Patch For Marvel's Avengers Game To Stop IP Addresses Being Exposed

Square Enix recently released a patch for Marvel’s Avengers that exposed PlayStation 5 players’ IP addresses on their screens, a problem for anyone who streamed the game or used the system’s screenshot sharing features. 117 palabras más


Game BIts: DOTA 2 Tournament May Have To Change Venue, BIG Esports Gets Funding, Esports Summit Discusses Peacekeepr Elite in China

DOTA 2 Tournament May Have to Change Location

The biggest Dota 2 tournament may have to be relocated due to challenges associated with acquiring visas for players and staff. 555 palabras más


E3 2021: Reveals, Trailers And More

Video game conferences happen every year, all around the world. One of the biggest ones and most infamous for it’s reveals of new games and consoles has always been E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). 1.244 palabras más


Spoiler Free Review of Jason Schmetzer’s Blood Will Tell

Even the cover art rocks

BattleTech fans love their House Liao jokes and for many years, much of that was well earned. Mad Max and Romano Liao both made the faction easy to be a punching bag and a source of memes. 298 palabras más


Bioshock Infinite

This is one of my favourite games ever, even though I’m not usually excited by games that are mainly about shooting things. I was replaying it this evening on my PC. 511 palabras más


A Recent Esports Summit Is Trying To Form A Plan For The Future Of Esports

Mars Hou, vice president of Tencent Games and general manager of Tencent Esports, recently presented a speech entitled, “Drawing an all-field blueprint for esports”.

Wu announced Tencent Esports’ new business and commercial plan – “partnering with all-flanking market leaders. 361 palabras más


Fashion: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Hello friends! What’s your morning routine? Mine goes like this, just at the moment anyway. I hope for a better schedule soon.

Wake up around 3-5am. 423 palabras más