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Miranda Veil (2020)

An aspiring serial killer gets more than what he bargains for in this dark comedy with an edge from director Levin Garbisch.

Soren is a man who bored with his life decides to make it exciting by becoming a serial killer. 517 palabras más

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In earnest

Change is unstable,

Never permanent.

Paper and pen,

You are the same.

I visit places,

I feel the aura,

Different smells,

Sightings and

The noises. 36 palabras más

Thinking Out Loud

Elisabeth Sharp McKetta - She Never Told Me About The Ocean

‘She Never Told Me About The Ocean’ by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta is a story of female relationships, breaking away from dysfunctional relationships interwoven with myth and folklore. 312 palabras más

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What’s in a Name?

A Facebook friend shared that she sent a letter to a well known writer in response to an article he posted at his website. The article included a reference to Emily Webb Gibbs, a character from the Sinclair Lewis play, “Our Town.” My friend’s comment triggered a memory of my high school classmate, MerriJo Morton*. 476 palabras más

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Best friends

The story started from a misunderstanding of a girl name Khushi who newly admission to school sitting with a boy. The story starting from LKG class.Khushi who was new in class sitting with two other Benchmade. 327 palabras más

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Tell All Tuesday #14

I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I no longer give unsolicited advice to the people I love. I have learned slowly that sometimes it is better for people to make their own mistakes and learn. 154 palabras más



I don’t know what kind of people y’all are….let me give you the benefit of the doubt and say y’all are good people. Where I’m from, there good people too. 329 palabras más