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It is going bad very fast...

Are we able to do something about it?

It seems that all we ever have been taught, are straight lies.

I want to point you people to someone who has a vision that is certainly to be considered: 166 palabras más

Free Yourself From The World.

The God of Spinoza.

A fews days ago, a friend sent me this message. I thought of it as so profound, i needed to share it here:

Did you know that when Einstein gave some lecture at the numerous US universities, the recurring question that students asked him was: – Do you believe. 824 palabras más

Free Yourself From The World.

The Big Picture...

Really true, or far fetched?

If one would connect the dots, the crums, if you like, and one would be able to see a truth, too horrible to imagine from a human point of view, would that one dismiss that truth as ‘impossible’, or would he go down the rabbithole to see how deep it runs? 922 palabras más

Free The World... ;-)

The world heading to China 3.0?

Orchestrated, and planned long ago, our reptilian rulers plan to put the world in jail.

The galactic federation locked down the universe around earth, and noone can escape. 456 palabras más

Free The World... ;-)

Draco's still own Earth?

Both Draco’s and Annunaki still boss, despite rumors they weren’t anymore.

Draconians or Draconiers, are a cruel and very violent race with no remorse, no consceince and cooldblooded, which means no heart, and thus no empathy. 465 palabras más

Free The World... ;-)

If those monsters get their way, no freedom of any kind will be left.

The plan is brought into the open. The worldpopulation of human cattle will be inventarised, chipped, and put behind fences, just like our brothers and sisters, the cows, pigs and chicken. 68 palabras más

Free The World... ;-)

You can call me an anarchist, but do you know what an anarchist really is?

The question above does describe the way some people may feel about me, but this post is about the ways used to control us, deprive us of anything we have, and kill us, after they are done with us. 2.032 palabras más

Free The World... ;-)