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Unduh Transkrip Kursus G094 "Pengantar Aplikasi Komputer"


  • Judul: Pengantar Aplikasi Komputer
  • Keterangan: pelajaran dasar komputer untuk pemula, mengenal perangkat lunak (software), mengenal software untuk berbagai bidang termasuk kebutuhan sehari-hari, pengetikan, pendidikan, dst., semua software dibagikan gratis & legal…
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Free Software

I have used for years on my Windows machines. 136 palabras más


Morse Code Day - A Network of Dots and Dashes

Did you know that today is National Morse Code Day? Me either, honestly, until working with our marketing folks on a post that discusses how the information that calculators transfer is much like Morse Code. 1.251 palabras más


Creating a website with online web designers like Wix

I made a website for the Memory Machine photobooth with Wix!

I am always a bit dubious when it comes to online apps to create content. 369 palabras más

Technical Writing

Mandelbrot plotter for BBC Master 128, VideoNULA and ARM Evaluation System.

Writing code for a very niche and unusual system:

(a) Acorn BBC Master 128 (may work on a BBC Micro with Tube interface).

(b) VideoNULA (Upgrade/replacement for the original video ULA IC). 553 palabras más


Enterprise Desktop Ubuntu 21.04

(ZDNet) – Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols:

For years, Ubuntu has been enormously popular with Linux fans and developers. The corporate desktop? Not so much. 19 palabras más


Open Source VFX Program Discovery!

Whilst looking for some rotoscoping resources, I just came across Natron, a VFX and motion graphics software. On the website, the tagline describes it as an… 36 palabras más

Free Software