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Installing Manjaro Phosh Beta 10 on The Pinephone

The good the bad, and the installation process.

To do this, you’re going to want to grab five things.

A USB-C cord to plug your phone into your computer… 450 palabras más

I’m new to Linux, where are my apps for ___? A Guide for Windows 10 and OS X Converts

Well first of all, welcome! We’re glad to have you! Let’s get you setup with all the software you’re used to using on Window and OS X, and Some Free and Beautiful Competitors to what you’re used to. 1.729 palabras más

MVMn Kafka GUI update

There have been several updates since the initial release, but perhaps most significant is today’s update 0.2.4 that adds retrieval of consumer information:


Have I Been Pwned Goes Open Source

(ZDNet) – Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols:

Want to find out if someone’s stolen your user IDs and passwords? Then you can use… 19 palabras más


MangoHud Menampilkan Head Up Display keren (FPS,RAM.CPU Mhz) saat menjalankan Game/Demo 3D di Ubuntu Linux

Dalam mengulas sebuah game maupun hardware, biasanya pengulas menampilkan fps (frame per second), penggunaan RAM, CPU secara realtime untuk menunjukkan kemampuan dari GPU maupun CPU terhadap game yang dijalankan. 397 palabras más


SCRCPY Cara Mudah Mirroring Layar Android ke PC di Ubuntu Linux

Kadang kita butuh merekam layar Smartphone Android saat membuat sebuah tutorial atau sedang saat sedang live. Selain itu kita terkadang butuh mengoperasikan sebuah smartphone melalui PC. 362 palabras más


Building Software Development Communities

Photos and stories and lessons learned. And some principles for building software development communities.