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Why’re you still using Windows??

Windows 10 icon and Tux, the Linux penguin

I’ve been using Linux since 2013, the year I started College.

I first heard of Linux in highschool when I noticed one of my teachers running.. 855 palabras más

Memasang Kodi terbaru untuk nonton TV Streaming di Linux Lite/Linux Mint/Ubuntu Linux

Pengguna Android TV Box mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi dengan aplikasi Kodi. Kebanyakan secara default aplikasi Kodi sudah terinstall di Android TV Box. Kodi bisa berjalan di berbagai macam OS, dari Android, Ios, Windows, dan tentu saja Linux Desktop. 403 palabras más


Installing Mobian on the Pinephone. A Guide and Review

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my guide / review of Installing Mobian on the Pinephone!

The process we’re going to follow is going to be pretty much the same as we did to try out Manjaro Phosh beta 10 ( … 461 palabras más

Cara Memperpanjang Sertifikat Elektronik (p12) PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) pada Firefox dan E-faktur di Linux Mint/Ubuntu Linux/Linux Lite

Agar bisa menggunakan aplikasi E-faktur maupun masuk ke web e-nofa Online untuk urusan SPT,PPN di perpajakan Indonesia, Sepatu Fans sebagai PKP (Pengusaha Kena Pajak) harus mempunyai Sertifikat Elektronik(Sertel) khusus. 571 palabras más


Installing Manjaro Plasma Beta 5 on The Pinephone

Behold the Plasma lockscreen in all it’s open-source glory

How does Plasma currently stack up against the competition?

Honestly? Pretty well.

Plasma’s UI is still a piece of beauty to behold in the world of open source UIs for mobile Linux. 655 palabras más

ExpidusOS Test release 1 Pinephone Review

EpidusOS is a new cross-platform Linux OS forked from Void Linux, currently equipped with the XFCE desktop, brought to us by Midstall Software.

ExpidusOS Homepage – 306 palabras más

A look at the Pine64 Pinephone dock internals

Hey everyone! If you’re like me at all, you’re curious about the internal workings of every piece of tech you see. That’s why I decided to open the Pine dock to see if it had any modification potential. 175 palabras más