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Publishing your eBook – part one

Unlike ten years ago, when it was a relatively new phenomenon, self-publishing is now an acceptable way of getting your book published. Providing you act professionally. 379 palabras más

Rabbit, Rabbit!

It’s April 1, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day, and I’ve been told that at the start of a new month we should always say “ 1.385 palabras más


Resume Basics—for Print and Electronic Formats

I’ve developed some basic guidelines for you to consider as you develop your resume. Although these aren’t hard-and-fast rules, they are based on many years of experience and common sense. 1.154 palabras más


Organize what you know and prepare for what you are going to find

Yep, you will have to make a choice.

Choose your Methodology: Manually or Digitally


Physical papers and documents will need a storage place, begin with a folder and then a place for the folder like a box or file cabinet. 535 palabras más

4 Formats You Can Re-purpose Your Content To

To make the most of the time you spend researching and writing your content, you should consider repurposing it into other formats. Not only will you be able to expand your reach, but you’re also making yourself appear more credible and trustworthy in the process. 347 palabras más

Online Business

Opening 23yr old Laser Discs

My stepdad kindly gave me his modest collection of Laser Discs, an old obsolete home video format that began in 1978 and persisted for about 42 years. 445 palabras más