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Angus McOg, Cirrus (2023) Murmur Music

Four years on from the excellent BEGINNERS,  Antonio Tavoni’s Angus McOg return with CIRRUS. The Italian band has a sound that is soft, reflective and very difficult to neatly classify. 394 palabras más

Folk Rock

Music Video: TOMI - If You Tried

The difficulty of communicating with a romantic partner is brought to hilarious yet poignant life in the video for TOMI‘s new single «If You Tried». 215 palabras más

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200 Grateful Dead Songs

This month’s theme music is brought to you by the the good ole’ Grateful Dead. I’ve been a Deadhead since the word drop! Being born in San Francisco in 1966, it was in my blood. 542 palabras más

Rock Music

Acceptance: Without You

Without You wasn’t a song I wrote for this album, but it was entirely too fitting not to include it when it came down to selecting final tracks and I’d been wanting for a long time to work a full-band production of it.  1.072 palabras más


New Music Release: Songs Against Dying Compilation

New out of Poison Arrow Records, Songs Against Dying is a compilation record that was released on June 2nd, 2023. Proceeds from the record are going to support medical expenses for a friend of the label who’s having a difficult time getting the treatment they need. 16 palabras más


Great Big Sea

The band was formed in St. Johns, Newfoundland and had their first gig in 1993 followed by their first of ten albums. While they are no longer together as broke up some time after the departure of Séan McCann in 2013, they made an indelible mark on the Canadian music landscape. 77 palabras más

Artist Profiles

6/2/23: Melissa Etheridge "Yes I Am" (1993)

Melissa Etheridge and “Come To My Window” in particular was a staple for me and my first girlfriend in 8th grade. It was our record and a fixture in the mixtapes we would trade with one another to help articulate our feelings. 326 palabras más

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