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A Morbid Discovery

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Remains of Medieval Soldier Found With Sword & Knives in Lake

Jan 13, 2021

Ian Harvey

Medieval crime? Lakes and rivers sometimes act as more than fun places to pass a hot day, dipping in and out of cool water to ease the discomfort of a blazing summer sun. 109 palabras más

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Reminders of Our Mother’s Love

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The 9 oldest images of Mary

M. Traverso– published on 10/19/18

A recent academic theory dates the oldest image to the 2nd century. 121 palabras más

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Underground World

Once again, Jules Verne* called it, readers. Journey to the Center of the Earth* might be fiction, but this cave is very real! Hang Son Doong is so large that it actually has its own weather system, separate from that of the upper world! 402 palabras más

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Mistaken Identity

Well, this is a case of mistaken identity with a happy ending! Click the link to find out more, readers!

Fossil of a 66-million-year-old fish ‘as big as a great white shark’ is discovered in a private collection after being misidentified as a flying reptile… 245 palabras más

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Translucent Wings

Check out this article on this amazing insect:

Facts About the Glasswing Butterfly

Updated November 22, 2019

By Steve Johnson

Most insects don’t bring to mind words synonymous with beautiful, but there is one exception to this rule – butterflies. 196 palabras más

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Hidden Temple

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Mount Padang Has Many Secrets: What’s Beneath Its Surface Astounds Scientists

Jan 21, 2021

Ian Harvey

Mount Padang: Indonesia is a country famous for its white sand beaches, blazing hot sun, and crystal blue waters that lure millions of tourists every year, from continents as close as Australia or as distant as the southern United States. 180 palabras más

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A True Space Opera

Remember that post about the sounds made by the nine planets in the Solar System? Well, it turns out that these were not the only noises NASA recorded and put in a playlist. 325 palabras más

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