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"Offscreen" in Postscript Magazine

I have a new essay of film criticism in the latest issue of Postscript Magazine. In it, I examine Spring Breakers as a film that does or doesn’t interrogate whiteness, and how that ambiguity is too costly in light of the white American inability to see whiteness onscreen. You can read it here.


GUG Classic Review: The King of Kings

This past Easter, I watched through a dozen adaptations of the last of Christ to pick out which versions best captured his story and message. My understated favorite of the lot was Cecil B. 63 palabras más


Drowning in a Sea of Bliss

ON SUCH A NIGHT might not qualify as a forgotten gem but its certainly a curio. Grant Richards (as “Nicky Last”) is going to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit but a flood gives him a second chance. 375 palabras más


Movie Review: The Mauritanian

It’s hard to believe that former US president George W. Bush is now being seen as a moderate Republican but such is the state of the GOP these days.  900 palabras más


Jean Cocteau

I thought when I changed castles I’d change ghosts, and a flower would drive them away. — Jean Cocteau Le testament d’Orphée/ Testament of Orpheus… 9 palabras más


The Three Phases of Millie Perkins

A brief breakdown of the interesting career of Millie Perkins (b.1938). Today Perkins is almost exclusively known for one major role, but I became a much more enthusiastic fan once I discovered a lot of the lesser known work that came directly after. 571 palabras más

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