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The Blue Beast Twenty-eight

21 January 2003

La Tamborrada

I expect you are wondering what has happened to me as I’ve been silent for a while. For reasons unknown my laptop has stopped speaking to my modem which means I have an expensive black doorstop marked IBM at the moment. 367 palabras más


The Blue Beast Twenty-two

Tuesday, 2 July 2002

Leitza and Haro

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been these last two weeks. Ted, DouDou and I had driven down from Calais, through France in the Luton van loaded to the limit with my furniture. 1.972 palabras más


no feria

The Plaza San Fransicso is all dressed up with nowhere to go after the various “no Feria” activities were (thankfully) cancelled this week. Starting Saturday, and throughout the following week, there were supposed to be flamenco fashion shows along the Avenida, various outdoor concerts, private group lunches in selected Casas Palacios, and yeah, even bullfights. 152 palabras más


Semana Santa | Easter

Toma nota, por favor, de que permaneceremos cerrados los próximos días 1, 2 y 5 de Abril, con motivo de la Semana Santa.

¡Feliz Páscua! 19 palabras más


day after day

Friday was World Sleep Day and Red Nose Day. Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of spring, International Happiness Day and Persian New Year. Today is Census Day and International Day of Forests. 183 palabras más

Writing And Writers

¿Dictadura en la años de contigencia?

En estos años, la restricciónes debido a la contigencia sanitaria a la mayoría de los ciudadanos del planeta Tierra.


A guide to the festive season in Spain

The Holidays are Coming – here’s reblog of At Home in Andalusia’s useful guide to the festive season in Spain…

December and January is full of fiestas and special days in the Spanish calendar… here’s At Home in Andalusia’s run-down to help you enjoy the holiday season.

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Lecrin Valley