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Celebrating the miraculous tears of Santa Marta

Santa Marta was quite a woman, at least as far as the little town of Villajoyosa is concerned. She conjured up two separate miracles, more than a century apart, which decided the fate of the community – and the people have been celebrating with fiestas ever since. 690 palabras más

feria 2022

Stopped by opening day of the Feria de Abril yesterday to take some pics as rain was being forecast for the rest of the week and OMG. 292 palabras más


Easter Processions anno 2022

The last days have been several quite strange Easter Processions in Spain.

I mean – take a look at those images from Tenerife and Malaga and yes, they were shot in the year 2022 – not a hundred years ago. 21 palabras más

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Mientras en EE.UU. se arman con rifles variados para estas fiestas, en Sevilla prefieren penes y vaginas. Como ya sabemos, esta religion no se opone a las armas pero sí al sexo. 605 palabras más