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The cinematic writing of Alain Robbe-Grillet

In this short ficción, an hommage to the ‘objective’ snapshots of Alain Robbe-Grillet, Dean Kyte recounts a memorable tram ride from the point of view of his Super 8 camera—and a cartridge of expired film. 3.558 palabras más
Dean Kyte

Reading Log: Eruvin, Ficciones, and The Republic of Plato

What can I say of Ficciones, which I finished last week, but Secret? The last story, “The South,” is particularly and peculiarly haunting.

I basically didn’t read… 86 palabras más

Reading Log

Reading Log: Eruvin and Ficciones

Jorge Luis Borges is an honorary Jew. No one else. I read over the last few days most of the stories in the second part of… 191 palabras más

Reading Log

Reading Log: Eruvin, Ficciones, and The Republic of Plato

Today I read “The Garden of Forking Paths.” My impression of Borges continues to be mindblown. I was especially reminded of If on a winter’s night a traveler… 113 palabras más

Reading Log

Ficciones Text Reflection

I appreciate how much thought went into each individual story and that they all had their own intricacies, with Borges never getting sloppy with his writing at any point within the collection. 363 palabras más

Writing about Writing – Fiction about Fiction

Writing about writing often seems to me like a bit of a cop-out – and this time I don’t mean literary criticism (see earlier blog post… 580 palabras más

Literary Theory

Esos ojos son como la superficie de Marte - A Martín Caballero

Al ver el iris de alguien o incluso de un animal podemos ver un paisaje que no es de este mundo. El significado del acto es confianza, curiosidad, una imaginación amplia y deseo de conocer profundamente a esa persona o animal al que tenemos el agrado de conocer superficialmente. 306 palabras más