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Days in Isolation: Day 462

I’ve given up trying to be the good child,

Now I’ll live for myself,

And if they don’t like it,

At least I can say I tried my best

The first eighteen years.


Migraines & Dizziness

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve had problems with migraines and dizziness. It wasn’t until today that I wondered if it could be connected to the days when my brother would bash my head in. 254 palabras más

Mental Health

I'm Not Sorry My Toddler act like a Toddler

This isn’t a real post, more of a passing observation. I’ve noticed over the past year that I’m doing that thing that many first time parents do: Expecting way too much from my two year old. 779 palabras más


my favorite deals for amazon prime day 2021

Amazon Prime Day is here! This day includes some amazing deals on lots of different items! Prime Day is like Black Friday of July. It is a good time to check your wish list to see if anything is on sale! 420 palabras más


Experiences part 3

I’m so happy everyone seems to be really liking these stories! It’s been fun thinking back and retelling them.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve had experiences my entire life but it never really registered until just a few years ago. 578 palabras más