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The Pedant King, by Jones Inspir’d by John Strachan

The Pedant King, by Jones inspir’d,
To rival antient Greece desir’d.
True taste began to rear her head,
And Gothic grandeur sigh’d and fled.
When Newton banish’d mental night, 81 palabras más


We Are United

We walked over the bridge together
We held hands I could feel the pulse
There were posters banners
Handwritten messages
The sentiment
One and the same… 44 palabras más


Stationers' Company

In common with other European countries, Guilds were formed where men had common economic interests and objectives and these had different degrees of control on their trades until the end of the 18th century, or beginning of the industrial revolution. 723 palabras más


The Song of the Sirens by Alexander Stuart Strachan/Strahan

Come where the woods are wooing
With fragrant flowers and fair;
Come where the doves are cooing
Love notes on every air.

Come where the wave is strewing… 109 palabras más


Better Brown than Blonde by Elisabeth Koolart-Hoofman

Don’t ever change your colour, fair brunettes,
For lighter hue or blonder tress.
The rose looks pale beside dark violets
And white grapes never equal reds. 120 palabras más


Not Yet Found by Geoffrey Lehmann

I chose the name Spring Forest
and I’ve yet to find the spring.

Some unfinished equations
are the closest I’ve come
to the puzzle of why I’m here. 67 palabras más