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Underrated Episodes of: Star Trek -The Original Series

There are probably more lists of the greatest Star Trek episodes, than there are actual episodes of the original series. Though there are a few re-watch-worthy episodes that are often over looked. 686 palabras más

86 episode 5

No, the screenshot isn’t upside down.

Rating: 4.5 (of 5)

Though the franchise does not advertise it, 86 does have a mild horror element, one that has only been vaguely hinted at through the first four episodes. 1.325 palabras más

86 Episode Review

Review of Gargoyles 1×08: Deadly Force

Nearly 27 years ago one of the most controversial Gargoyles episode aired but if you’re wondering what Gargoyles was it was an American made children’s cartoon produced by Disney which aired from the Monday 24th of October 1994 to Saturday 15th of February 1997 in the afternoons. 1.954 palabras más

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Top Five Scariest Episodes

Many episodes are on either side of the scale, comical or frightening. The one that aren’t… are called sad. Here is a collection of some of the scariest episodes, at least in my opinion. 443 palabras más

86 episode 4

Lena awaiting the 86s’ names

Rating: 5 (of 5)

Before seeing this episode, I had wondered how the adaptation could conceivably stretch the first three novels out to cover a whole two-cour season. 1.343 palabras más

86 Episode Review

South Pacific Episode 2: He Has Demons

Airdate: September 21, 2011
Christine Shields Markoski
“It’s gonna go one of two ways. It’s either gonna be Coach Wade duped once again on… 731 palabras más

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Seasons - Episode Review

Every other month our episodes have a theme, and this month we’re featuring topics related to Earth Day. Listen to or read about our other Earth Day episodes here (the order doesn’t matter). 580 palabras más

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