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Natural Harmony: The Relationship Between Reid Park and the Zoo

The greenest of all of the Park’s green spaces.

In the desert, there is almost nothing that has greater appeal than a green oasis. Our city parks are treasures that attract Tucsonans daily for picnics, bird watching and just lying on green grass. 573 palabras más

Reid Park Zoo


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The truth is no one can really say they can afford to do it . Ask yourself can we as taxpayers trust license holders to do the job? 155 palabras más

Development Economics

I answer Quora question 'What are the social, legal, and political functions of a local government?'

Local governments have often (but not always) included such functions as roads, firefighting, police, health care, local economic development, utilities, natural resources management, environmental protection, and recreation. 33 palabras más


Water is Life

I spent last week in northern Minnesota with a camp of Water Protectors along the Mississippi River. The Indigenous, women-led movement is currently working to stop construction of the Line 3 oil pipeline. 447 palabras más


When are the Brood X cicadas coming? This map and tracker app will tell you

The cicadas are coming!

Sometime in the very near future, residents in 15 states can expect swarms of Brood X cicadas, an event that happens once every 17 years. 127 palabras más