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Bright facts about Einstein's theory of relativity.

In 1915, Albert Einstein presented his theory of general relativity, which proposed that gravity itself was the result of the twisting of spacetime by massive objects such as stars and planets. 588 palabras más


We are part of the Whole 

I have been learning so much on my spiritual journey and the concept of being part of a whole is really getting under my skin and transforming me for the better. 375 palabras más


Vacanță la OXFORD - prima zi

Deși locuiesc la Londra de aproape 10 ani, abia anul acesta am reușit să petrec prima vacanță la Oxford. Am explorat cât am putut, am străbătut la pas străduțele încărcate de istorie ale Oxfordului, am admirat arhitectura gotică, caramelul clădirilor ce m-a dus, vrând-nevrând, cu gândul la Clujul unde am studiat 4 ani, și i-am regăsit pe Alice și Pălărierul Nebun, dar și pe Regele Inimilor și Iepurele Alb. 334 palabras más


I chortled with laughter and my wife asked me why I was laughing.

“Wow”, I answered wiping away the tears that rolled down in sheer delight. 388 palabras más


Sunday morning coffee.....

Coffee is a hug in a cup!

But first a little bacon for the week. I cook a pound about once every 3-4 weeks so I can have it with my eggs or make BLT’s. 115 palabras más

09 Sep 2021 - Meters and Misery

I see an ad for smart meters featuring an Einstein lookalike. Smart meters need a smart person to promote them, I guess. But the ad annoys me and I try to figure out why. 527 palabras más


What is antimatter and how is it used?

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Schematic representation of gamma radiation being split into electron particle (matter) and positron particle (antimatter)

Jagoda Urban-Klaehn
Idaho American Nuclear Society (ANS) Board Member… 644 palabras más