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Dissertation Editorial Update, Reflection and Resources

After my tutorial with David I made a few adjustments and was pretty happy with the overall outcome however, I then found out I needed to also make a front cover. 675 palabras más

Graphic Design

Dismantling the Barriers of White Supremacy Obstructing Ecological Sustainability Initiatives in Communities of Color


Institutional racism upheld by strong capitalist markets have embedded inequity into the fabric of American society for centuries, disenfranchising entire communities of color; economically disadvantaged communities are therefore largely excluded from mechanisms that would contribute to creating healthier local communities and a more sustainable world. 3.581 palabras más


Student’s Apprehension on Exams after Virtual Classes

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It is no longer news that the semester is gradually drawing to a close and the exam date will soon be announced to students. 785 palabras más


The right choice is test optional

The junior year of high school is infamous for being the most stressful year of school that a student will go through. Especially in the second semester of junior year, where dreams are broken, motivation crumbles, and anxiety is at an all time high, students are expected to show their gathered knowledge during the notorious…soul crushing…energy draining standardized test. 633 palabras más


Everywhen Review

Generic RPGs are written for GMs. A game with a setting or a conceit can speak to anyone who sees it on the shelf or reads through its Kickstarter campaign, but a game with no setting has a tougher time marketing itself. 1.731 palabras más