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Artist ……….. DARK DESIRE
Album ………..  最​後​ま​で​痛​か​っ​た
Label ……….. Self Released
Released ……….. 5/31/23
Price ……….. Name Your Price

Breakbeats weaving through a vast glinting darkness with distant trills and d&b vibes peppering heady resonance

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New album number 2: Back to the beats.

Hello again, I’m back with yet more new tunes, with my second new album release in less than a week!

No, I haven’t been on a manic two day recording spree, these are tracks which I’ve worked on over the last few months, alongside my crash course in rack synths, patch cables, ring modulators, sonic envelopes, audio generators and all manner of musical geekery. 129 palabras más


Album launch. M0DUL8R: Expanding my musical universe.

I have finally found the time to lovingly compile ten of my most recent modular synth compositions onto their very own album, which is released today on Bandcamp. 58 palabras más


ANNOUNCEMENT: Jordan Freeman @ Northern Vibe 2023, August 25th - 27th

I’m very happy to be announcing my appearance at Northern Vibe 2023; I’ll be returning to the Roost River Stage on August 25th to 27th in the area of Bruce Mines, Ontario. 1.445 palabras más

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