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June 2nd, 2023. Part 1: The Good.

It all went a bit silly this week.

Usually I do this «stream of consciousness drivel» pre-amble when I sit down to write up my reviews, but I wrote this on Monday afternoon in between patients, just because it was a steady list and the opportunity afforded itself. 2.945 palabras más

Death Metal

Lucifer’s Fall, Children Of The Night (Morbid and Miserable 2023)

Lucifer’s Fall make their final recordings before the last curtain: Children Of The Night.

Lucifer’s Fall is a doom band from Adelaide, Australia. They formed in 2013, and they have been an enormous presence in the doom world Down Under ever since. 390 palabras más

New Music Release

Northwest Terrorfest

Quite like the 90s Seattle scene, Northwest Terrorfest also specializes in everything grungy. Guitars here are drop D downtuned to the abyss, decibels are off the charts, and all this at a venue which could be mistaken for a dive bar. 383 palabras más

Heavy Metal

Reverend Bizarre - Burn In Hell!

«An apostle of all misery»

Gather and give praise at the Holy Parish of True Doom. Here’s Reverend Bizarre and Burn In Hell!, the opening track from their 2002 debut…

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Funeral Moth – Funeral Moth

Artist: Funeral Moth
Country: Japan
Label: Weird Truth Productions
Formats: CD EP
Year: 2022

Already released as a two-track demo-tape, this Japanese ultra-slow funeral doom act got its first official release with this two-tracks mini CD. 211 palabras más


6/3/23: Wolfhand "The Devil Arrives" (2020)

A lone figure in a wide brimmed black hat appears just over the skyline. His long and dark leather jacket blows in the breeze, flowing with the dusty desert wind and yet unperturbed by it, a man who transcends . 196 palabras más

2023 Album A Day

Eremit - Wearer of Numerous Forms (Review)

This is the third album from German doom metal band Eremit.

More Eremit! More hulking great huge tracks of monstrous sludge doom! Yeah! Despite how massive 2019’s… 475 palabras más