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Here are some of DKG’s many pictures of the park in autumn.


Why do the leaves change colour?

There are three kinds of pigment in a usually green leaf: carotenes which are yellow, red and pink anthocyanins, and chlorophyll, which is the green that masks the other colours until autumn. 213 palabras más


A look back to 2019: a long tailed tit photographed in the reserve by DKG. 63 palabras más


Nursery web spider

The breeding season of the reserve’s nursery web spiders (Pisaura mirabilis) can extend well into September. 144 palabras más


Teacher Appreciation Week – From the Other Side (and about Delta Kappa Gamma)

May 6, 2021

I’ve been an educator for 14 years, doing the hard work and getting that week of treats and sweet thoughts from our PTA, administrators, students and community organizations and restaurants that come with Teacher Appreciation Week. 402 palabras más

Oak factoid

There are 2,300 species associated with oak, 320 of which are found only on oaks. Here is a gallery of wildlife photographed in the park’s oaks. 6 palabras más