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Rides at the World of Disney’s Descendants

Uma’s Jolly Roger Adventure:

On this Ride, you and your family members or friends will board the Jolly Roger.

This ship ride will take you, guys to Belle’s Dock. 6 palabras más


PCC Multiverse #221- Mortal Kombat Goes For A Fatality, Shang-Chi Makes An Amazing Entrance, And Who Has The Best Odds To Win The Oscars?

Today’s update has Marcus De La Garza and Gerald Glassford talking about the debut of Mortal Kombat and the good news for HBO Max, the first impressions of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with its debut trailer, Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series and how the streaming giant’s rapid growth has slowed, the future of Call of Duty after Warzone reaches 100 million players, Disney and Sony make a deal to bring movies to Disney outlets (eventually), and could Sony movies come to Playstation+? 175 palabras más

Video Games

Full Review The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Serial Epik dalam "Red, White & Black"

Peringatan, review ini memiliki spoiler.

MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) dari studio Marvel terbukti masih belum tumpul dalam mengolah jagat sinema mereka. Walau tak sedikit fans yang merasa MCU seharusnya tamat setelah insiden Thanos dalam Avenger: Endgame. 301 palabras más


The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go

When people think of Walt Disney World, “thrill rides” don’t necessarily come to mind. And there are not too many to be found. But there ARE mountains to be conquered. 778 palabras más


my top 10 favorite disney movies!

Hey there! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles, the creative lifestyle blog where I have fun chatting about my life! 💕 In my last Disney post… 1.040 palabras más


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 (Season Finale) First Thoughts

The final episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier released today on Disney+. You can read my thoughts on the previous episode here or continue reading for my initial thoughts on episode 6. 742 palabras más