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How much You is in You?

In societies, in which people are increasingly distancing themselves from the lower tiers of the needs according to Maslow, we can observe that people increasingly move questions about their personality and themselves as beings into the focus of their cognitive world. 2.092 palabras más



We are back with our word for the day which is increase. I am very certain that you want to see increase in different areas of your life like I do. 208 palabras más


FMP: Queer Love Stories

This week I began to look more into set making and theme development. I felt it important as we approached the halfway point to push ahead with developing to a more psychical point in my project to keep on track with my time table. 1.268 palabras más

Verba Volant, Scripta Manent 2

Print media is one of the oldest forms of mass communication. It includes any written or pictorial representation used in passing information across to readers. The most popular forms of print media are newspapers and magazines, but posters, books, newsletters, pamphlets, leaflets, journals, weeklies, monthlies and other materials physically printed on paper are all classified as print media. 771 palabras más


FMP: Queer Love Stories

Here I started to look into artist research and inspiration to develop symbolism and imagery for my project. I wanted an emphasis on queer artists as they would have much more contextual relevance to my projects theme and help it progress better. 1.648 palabras más

Reflective Practice Task - Ted Talk: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas

Ted Talk: How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas – Embedded Video

Do you sometimes have your most creative ideas while folding laundry, washing dishes or doing nothing in particular?

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