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Solucion al #error isolinux en live-build para #viejas #versiones debian

🇬🇧 -> #error #isolinux for #older #builds of #debian using #live-build

🇻🇪 #error isolinux en live-build para #viejas #versiones , sigua leyendo para conocer la solucion: 172 palabras más


ifupdown to ifupdown2 woes

So a monkey house server was slow setting up networking   on boot and after ranting ifupdown2 was said to resolve most of the issues.

Do not take this as a this sucks post but us apes exploring the brave new world before… 322 palabras más

Technical Support

How to Install TeamViewer on Debian 10

TeamViewer is a popular cross-platform application and widely used for remote control, desktop sharing, remote meetings and file sharing between computers. In this tutorial we will explain how to install TeamViewer on Debian 10. 277 palabras más


NVIDIA Optimus on Linux - ThinkPad W520 & Bumblebee

After my ThinkPad T400 bit the dust, it was time to upgrade/replace. As I have been doing more CAD work, and have been tempted to play with Blender, when I saw a ThinkPad W520 with integrated Nvidia Quadro 1000M for a good price, how could I resist. 620 palabras más


(Unofficial) Debian Live Iso with Dwm

Recently, I made a post about how to quickly build a custom Debian live iso, and included a bunch of links to my debian-live-build repo where I keep the files that I use to build my own iso with my builds of dwm, st and dmenu. 505 palabras más