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A RazoRock shave all the way

Zi’ Peppino has a delightful fragrance,  and the lather is not to be sneezed at. With the Keyhole brush, evoking the lather was easy, and the fragrance has enough presence that even my less-than-keen nose could enjoy it. 157 palabras más


MaN is writing again

MaN is writing again. MaN is writing again because MaN thought that the sheer lack of accountability is the ultimate destroyer.

MaN wants to share the days, the things that he does throughout the day. 22 palabras más


My NÆVÏD - Koshur Jack of all Trades

Tale of 90’s

It was midsummer , and the seasonal simmer too. Lying idle , swaying n daydreaming on the broken cot with three and half legs, in my backyard , counting the milky white n bright clouds which passed over as deceptive flocks without much yield. 909 palabras más

Daily Life

Routine interruption

My routine is about to be interrupted. In some ways it already has. While routine is good, perhaps a little shake up now and then is good for getting a different perspective. 582 palabras más

Faith Journey

Rediscovering life's beauty

When we left, my partner and I and another couple, my mood was rather low, with no reason. I just felt I had to get away because the walls of my house were shrinking around me. 414 palabras más


Going back to the UK

Not for good, I hasten to add!

I was last over in the UK in tragic circumstances last October – the trip was to say goodbye to my terminally ill sister, although I never got to see her before she died. 732 palabras más

Daily Life