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Covid-19 crisis in France: the day after


The covid-19 crisis, that reared its ugly head in Europe in the month of March 2020, is now celebrating its birthday: we all remember that time when, for the first time in mankind’s history, lockdown measures were enacted a bit everywhere around the globe, in a climate of intense fear due to the outbreak of a new unknown virus which was yet more or less endemic to China at that moment. 736 palabras más


Icelandic Credit Crunch Demonstrations 2008

Tensions were high as the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2008) roiled the world economy.

The unfolding Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, while caused by the collapse of the financial system, also presented an opportunity to apply the… 154 palabras más



As this post – A sense of urgency is needed right now! – and the associated graphic has had such a good reception, we decided to undertake some light editing to the text and use it on a four page leaflet. 108 palabras más

Community Activism

Social Justice as a Gospel Issue.

Below is a rough draft for a paper I wrote in my African American Religious History Class. Consider it a dull or blunted version of… 6.362 palabras más


Until the Day Comes

Will you
It feels
It impacts
It happens
To you

The Ignored Call For Help; The Crisis in Yemen Swept Under the Rug

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is “the worst in the world” according to the United Nations. The current crisis in Yemen is common knowledge to many, however remains disregarded by many more. 630 palabras más