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When The Crisis Comes

Where do you turn in a crisis? Is it your phone? Is it to distraction, or to comfort from food or drink? The only real Rock and Shelter we find that is in Christ alone and nowhere else. 497 palabras más


Over population occurs when a population has exceeded its carrying capacity.Carrying capacity is the maximum number of individuals of a species in that habitat.It is the relationship between the entire human population and its environment.Over population can result bfrom an increase in birth,a decline in mortality rates and also an increase in immigration or an unsustianable and depletion of resuources.There is a strong connection between over population and poverty. 457 palabras más


Lesson for shortages

What’s Behind America’s Shocking Baby-Formula Shortage?

America’s baby-formula shortage has gone from curious inconvenience to full-blown national crisis. In many states, including Texas and Tennessee, more than half of formula is sold out in stores. 39 palabras más

Behavioral Economics

Stuck in the middle zone

I’m a month away from my twenty-second birthday. And that doesn’t only mean Taylor Swift is probably getting a new Ferrari, it also means I might have recently gone through one of my last major crisis events, according to Lev Vygodsky’s theory of cognitive development. 430 palabras más

Thought Exploration

Finland joins NATO without delay

Brussels 12.04.2022 Finland announced it would apply to join NATO «without delay», with Sweden expected to follow suit, suggesting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will bring about the very expansion of the Western military alliance that Vladimir Putin attempted to prevent. 192 palabras más


How Much?

… you’ve got to be kidding me…..

Many people are, quite rightly, shouting loud about this cost of living crisis as if it’s a new thing, but talk to the disabled and we will tell you just how long we’ve struggled. 772 palabras más