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Dear Amy: More than 35 years ago, when my husband was 19, he had sexual relations on two occasions with an older woman, who later informed him that he was the father of her two children. 1.142 palabras más


Hotel Artemis (2018) ☆☆1/2(2.5/4): A problematic evening at one exclusive hotel

“Hotel Artemis”, which I watched just for my inconsequential curiosity at last night, is a pretty familiar genre stuff for seasoned moviegoers like me. While I enjoyed its noirish mood and some solid performances from its engaging main cast members, I also discerned a number of pedestrian aspects at times, and it did not surprise me much on the whole even though I assumed that everyone in front of and behind the camera had a fun together in playing with numerous genre elements. 838 palabras más


THE PHANTOM ROCKETS - New single - Criminal

Italian hard rockers, THE PHANTOM ROCKETS have announced the release of their debut single, Criminal. The track is available now to stream through their official… 9 palabras más


Why it would be criminal to give a child the COVID-19 Vaccine

May 6, 2021

The UK Government and Health Officials are planning to give school children aged 12 and over the experimental Pfizer Covid vaccine at the start of the 21/22 school year. 2.361 palabras más

Cooperation between Anar Alizade and Turkey's deep state mafia leader Mehmet Agar,Ilham Aliyev,Erdogan

Anar Alizade appropriated the hotel owned by Mubariz Mansimov and appointed his brother as manager. We present to your attention a robbery similar to a fairy tale by facts. 1.515 palabras más


Pfizer Caught Engaging In Illegal Marketing Practices & Assessed Billions In Criminal Convictions

January 6, 2021

By Arjun Walia 11 minute read


  • The Facts:A paper published in 2010 by Robert G. Evans, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Vancouver School of Economics, UBC titled “Tough on Crime?
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