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53 : The Rhythm of Riddles

Picture this : A steely grey evening sky, a deathly quiet alley outside the window(- even the birds chirp mutedly), a Byomkesh Bakshi mystery novel in your hand and a plateful of spiced cutlets. 491 palabras más

Crime Fiction

Blog Tour: Phosphate Rocks - Fiona Erskine*

During the demolition of a factory, a shocking discovery is made: a mummified corpse encased in a carapace of hardened dust – phosphate rock – surrounded by ten objects that provide tantalising clues as to its identity… 260 palabras más


Young Blood | Sifiso Mzobe

Sipho, a 17-year-old from Umlazi, drops out of high school and joins a car hijacking syndicate to make a name for himself and escape his family’s low-income life. 97 palabras más

Crime Fiction

Bau: It's here!

It’s finally on sale – a book which I have been working on for years.

Throughout these years the book’s title has changed. It first was… 175 palabras más

A Dog's Diary

The Nameless Assassins: Chapter 108

This is the latest installment of The Nameless Assassins, the tale of an assassins crew in a haunted Victorian city powered by demon blood. The crew consists of Isha, a spy who ran away with her family’s demonic sword; Ash, a part-demon, wannabe robber baron; and Faith, a witch who loves ruffly pink dresses and is just so, so bored. 2.550 palabras más

RPG Tales

Blog Tour - 20/20 - Carl Goodman*

Can you see a killer before it’s too late?

On the first day of her new job, D.I. Eva Harris is called to the scene of a brutal murder at the heart of Surrey society. 459 palabras más


Book review: Exit by Belinda Bauer

I used to love old British cop shows like The Bill, Inspector Morse and Taggart. British crime shows are memorable for slow-moving mystery plots and complex characters. 390 palabras más