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Escribo ésto en el primer día del año. Y el más perezoso: ha llovido bastante pero ahora mismo estoy asomado a la ventana de mi loft y no puedo dejar de canturrear ésta… 425 palabras más

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Drawing Naked Ladies

When I was in college studying design and illustration, I sucked at drawing women, specially naked women.

A few years after, working as a professional illustrator, I had to draw some pieces for a lingerie brand, and it was a very, very difficult project for me. 188 palabras más



Because most of the time they lead you to interesting places, inside and outside you.

Because they may fade away right after you acknowledge them. 32 palabras más



Every time I finish watching one of Casey Nesitat’s videos I end up with an urge to create something, anything, a drawing, a podcast episode or a blog post. 153 palabras más


La vida y las actividades en diferentes lugares

Si necesitas te gustaría conocer algunas de las actividades que un finlandés realiza en el invierno y en el verano, puedes echarle un vistazo a… 16 palabras más

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New project?

Working on a character for a small comic book I am planning to do (just a little personal project).

I’m thinking of her as an emancipated succubus, with some paranormal abilities (to be defined) a lot of amulets, potions and sacred obejtcs, plus a strong sense of fashion with a sexy touch. 102 palabras más


My five favorite Christmas illustrations of 2021

Christmas is my second favorite holiday of the year, and each year I like to surf the web and pick five or ten christmas illustrations, depending on how busy I am, to enjoy during the season and to learn from them and their authors. 58 palabras más