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A Return of the Three-day Week in Britain?

Back in 2014, on the 40th anniversary of the start of the Three-Day Week in Britain, I wrote this:

I wonder how many of you are old enough to remember the “Three Day Week”?

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The ‘City of Worlds’

Apparently, that is the newish nickname for Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am writing this on Friday afternoon. We arrived here yesterday morning via a ferry from Nanaimo.  390 palabras más


The Invisible Plague. Images matter. | by James Heathers | Sep, 2021 | Medium

I gravitate towards aggregated measurements. I use words like ‘gravitate’ and ‘aggregated’ when I do it. Sometimes the complaining has been loud, and then someone writes about me in the newspapers… 6 palabras más


How to Start a Business (Post-Covid) with Little-to-No Capital

Sometimes, dreams are conceived in our minds when we have absolutely nothing at hand. While many people dream of starting businesses, quitting the employment rat-race, and being their own bosses, only a handful of these dreams come true due to some unprecedented obstacles. 655 palabras más