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A Scriptural Example of Moving from One Version to Another

Mortimer Adeler in How to Speak; How to Listen, reminds his reader that an example is not for proving but for explaining some element of one’s position. 1.910 palabras más


Contra (1988)

Just wanted to share a screenshot to commemorate my first 100% RetroAchievement completion. The game is North American version of Contra (1988) developed by Konami. 65 palabras más


Which Translation is the Most Accurate?

In this video, Dr. Robert Plummer of Southern Seminary is asked whether the KJV is the most accurate translation. In the end, Dr. Plummer says that the KJV is not the most accurate translation but offers nothing in its place except to say there are many good translations out there to choose. 1.013 palabras más


The Bible Version Debate and Fellowship

Perusing YouTube looking for version related discussions I came across this video, How I Respond to King James Only Christians. In the video Mike Winger explains that when he encounters a KJV advocate he looks to see if that advocate will break fellowship with him over the issue. 717 palabras más


Textual Criticism and Modern Versions: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In 2018 the inimitable Jordan Peterson was asked by an attendee, «If you had five minutes with Prime Minister Trudeau what would you say to him to help him understand the error of his ways.» After a long pause Peterson offered an answer that I believe is exceedingly relevant to the current discussion/debate surrounding the version controversy. 2.022 palabras más


What if there is a known error in the Greek text?

I. In a recent interview Peter Gurry and Elijah Hixon were asked about an error in Romans 8:1 and how they would preach that verse given the error. 1.956 palabras más


Contra Force Nintendo

Contra Force is an action shooting game released by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992 in North America. It is a spinoff of the Contra series, being the third game in the series released for the NES following the original Contra and Super Contra.