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TD179 - Sep 17, 2022 - 🇨🇴 Saint Valentine's Day 🥰

Sending big love to all the Colombians I’ve met, to the ones I’ve yet to meet and even to the ones I will never meet. To my friends, the Wayuus in Cabo de la Vela, I send the deepest love. 86 palabras más


Museums for Peace: The Social Life of Death

Temporary exhibition at University of Bonn
July 12th – October 28th 2022

“The toothbrush is still there;
the bed ready made
in case he happens to feel like returning”
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Universidad De Bonn

Flights to ITF J2 Bogota from 1166EUR (E) and 2174EUR (B)

Copa Liga de Tenis de Bogota (Colombia) July 18-24, 2022

Book your tickets directly from one of the airports listed below or SUBMIT a request to plan your own itinerary. 44 palabras más

Jeimmy Paola Sierra / San Jerónimo (Colombia), 12 may 2022

Botellas de vidrio, latas de aluminio, neumáticos, cartón… En San Jerónimo, un pueblo colombiano a 35 kilómetros de Medellín, tardaron apenas 24 días en construir una escuela con estos materiales reciclados que se ha convertido en la primera sustentable de Colombia. 731 palabras más



The Basics

Common names: Fittonia, Nerve plant, Mosaic plant

Botanical name: Fittonia albivenis

Family: Acanthaceae, the Acanthus family

Origin: Northern South America (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil) … 487 palabras más


A LinkedIn suggestion

Last week I was reunited with a friend I met via LinkedIn. Back in 2013, LinkedIn suggestions led her to see my profile, then I got a message from… 295 palabras más



Magnitude 5+ Earthquakes – Global

5.8 earthquake its eastern Uzbekistan.

5.5 earthquake hits near the coast of Central Peru.

5.2 earthquake hits Colombia.

5.2 earthquake hits the South Sandwich Islands. 7 palabras más