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Two Bakeries, two Countries, two Cultures

Zur deutschen Fassung.

Today, at the bakery in Germany:

I purchase three pieces of cake. They cost 5 euros and 13 cents.

I have 12 cents in coins, otherwise only bills. 222 palabras más


A Vignette from Saturday Morning in Cochabamba

I strode into the front room, grabbed and lifted the rickety metal handcart with its two brightly striped nylon shopping bags, placed , one in the top section of the cart and one in the bottom. 315 palabras más

God Gives Gifts Of Richness Of Experiences


a poem by Bonji’s Daughter

In view of the recent and continuing tragic flooding in our region of Cochabamba and other places in Bolivia, I’ve thought once more of this poem. 318 palabras más


After “11 months of pain,” Bolivia returns to democracy

7 November 2020 — Peoples Dispatch

Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca will be sworn in tomorrow as president and vice-president of Bolivia, just one year after the coup d’état. 1.176 palabras más


a poem by Bonji’s Daughter


My neighbors live at the edge

of the River Rocha

open canal

chemical waste, raw sewage.

Their homes pop up, proliferate… 137 palabras más


Como crear un funnel de ventas para e-commerce

Meetup online realizado el miércoles 30 de septiembre de 2020.

Expositor:Clay Caballero

La publicidad es importante para una marca; pero para tener mas ventas es necesario atraer nuevos prospectos, convertirlos en leads y finalmente en nuestros clientes, mediante un buen embudo de ventas. 220 palabras más


Feliz Navidad "Periodistas Bolivia"

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