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Το brand Argalios γιορτάζει τα 200 χρόνια από την Ελληνική Επανάσταση με μία capsule συλλογή!

Ελλάδα 1821-2021

Στα χρώματα της ελληνικής σημαίας και με σύμβολο τον τσολιά της Μάνης, της Μακεδονίας και της Θεσσαλίας, η νέα επετειακή συλλογή  χειροποίητων clutches του brand… 135 palabras más



like wax thread, a reckoning ‘round a wrist


a dog face long threatens to howl

chases a clutched handhold over

carpet                    what tufts

there clenched in swollen paw… 8 palabras más


Alexander McQueen - Extraordinary Designs and Catwalks with shock factor

The British designer was an exceptional talent from a young age. He stunned the fashion world with distressing Catwalk performances and designs that came closer to costumes rather than Prêt-à-porter or Haute Couture Fashion. 1.425 palabras más



The Clutch Repair Is An Important Component In A Standard Style Vehicle

It directly engages the rotating shafts which draw motion from the engine, and deliver it to rotating components in the vehicle. 137 palabras más

Best things come in PAIRS

Ok well maybe not the best things… But in my fish keeping it seems to be the norm. I wasn’t planning on becoming a breeder but ok… 407 palabras más

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Gratitude Journal ©Carolyn Crossley

#gratitude #journal

  • I am grateful to have saved a bird from Molly (my younger cat’s) clutches today.
  • I am grateful to be able to sit in the garden this afternoon.
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