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A reflection on Tenet, Christopher Nolan and Interpretive film

Film can be enjoyed many different ways, you can like a film based on pure entertainment, analysing symbolism, enjoying the acting, writing soundtrack etc. Film is subjective and most opinions regarding a film should be taken into account. 726 palabras más


Top 10 Porn for Christmas Day

I missed the chance to make this post on Christmas Day so I am taking back that chance now. Because, what’s the difference anyway? Christmas, New Year? 1.292 palabras más

Breeder's Digest

Movie Review: "TENET" (2020)

TENET” (2020) dir. Christopher Nolan

Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki 

This review will either fascinate you or bore you to death. 2.254 palabras más

Science Fiction

My Tentative Top Film of 2020

No need for a spoiler warning here; I’ll say up front that it’s Tenet. Yes, that Tenet, the one directed by Christopher Nolan that was supposed to save theaters with its box office and failed miserably. 1.129 palabras más


Mini-Movie Review: Tenet

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Over the Christmas holidays, my family watched Tenet. There was actually some debate as to whether we should watch the movie as one of… 1.616 palabras más

Science Fiction

The Shape of the Story

You may have learnt that a story looks like a mountain:

The more abstract that constant is (i.e. theme) the harder it will be for the audience to find how the whole thing is connected, the most concrete (i.e. 896 palabras más


Christopher Nolan's Batman: Closing Thoughts

Due to the series’ recent conclusion (finished in summer of 2012), there has not been a tremendous amount of literature studying Batman within the Dark Knight trilogy. 654 palabras más