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The seven variants of coronavirus that can affect humans

The deadly coronavirus

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, which begins in China, is giving rise to many questions, including its potential impact on the world. A wide range of relevant organizations is working together to prevent infections from occurring, as well as to limit the impact of the new virus and its source of contamination. 1.024 palabras más


Tensions Grow as US, Allies Deepen Indo-Pacific Involvement


BANGKOK—With increasingly strong talk in support of Taiwan, a new deal to supply Australia with nuclear submarines, and the launch of a European strategy for greater engagement in the… 1.209 palabras más


Eurasia Takes Shape: How the SCO Just Flipped the World Order, by Pepe Escobar

Lately Russia and China have been much more successful with their various initiatives across Eurasia and the Middle East than whatever the Western powers have been trying to do in those areas. 366 palabras más


Display Cabinet Glass China Deco

Glass display cabinet with very rare serpentine glass. In very good condition, some scratching on the cabinet but very solid with two adjustable shelves. Measurements 108 cm wide (to be verified), 37 cm deep and 110 cm high. Price is $195.


Without Allies, US Conducts but Denies Cold War with China

In the Cold War era, the US was economically much stronger than the Soviet Union, but it failed to win while Soviet nuclear and conventional military capabilities have kept on catching up and surpassing the US However, their arms race is too heavy a burden on both sides, resulting in their final pursuit of detente to reduce the tension caused by the Cold War. 521 palabras más

Wuhan lab wanted to genetically enhance bat viruses and release them in caves - Meghan Roos

Documents show WIV researchers aspired to genetically alter coronaviruses and monitor their release and transmission in bat caves to determine the risks those viruses posed to humans. 1.085 palabras más


Chart of the Week September 24, 2021: India’s Greenfield Investments from East Asia post New FDI Rules

Click for enlarged image | Graphic by Ge Yixuan


Since the November 2015 launch of the automatic route for foreign direct investments under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, greenfield FDI flows to India increased substantially. 297 palabras más

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