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I almost Died - Sunday Ramblings & Reflections

Hi friends. I hope and pray that you are well. I’ve missed you. Lately, I’ve been hiding as we navigate through some crazy terrain. I’m sorry I haven’t been very active on my social media pages or blog these past few weeks. 991 palabras más

Health Issues From Mold Exposure

New Tee Shirt for Chronical Illness Warriors - "I Don't Feel as Good as I look."

The other night I was in a group chat with a few of my sweet friends. These are moms who have been affected by toxic mold and chemicals. 283 palabras más

Chemical Free Gal

Random Saturday Thoughts - Health & Hope

Healing takes time, be gentle with yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others.

Not everyone who says they are an expert in a field knows what they are talking about, so do your due diligence. 286 palabras más


Tight Homes, Encapsulated Mold and Faulty Air Sampling

Like people, homes, and walls breath, a structure may have no visible signs of mold growth but could still have high levels of encapsulated toxic mold. 787 palabras más

Health Issues From Mold Exposure

This is Best Fragrance Free Soap I've Ever Tried

I’m so excited to let you know about this amazing company. Just before New Year’s, I received the coolest box of fragrance-free soaps from Canary Whiskers Soap Company. 353 palabras más


Could Your Environment Be Making You Sick? Podcast Episode 3

Hi there! Episode three of Chemical Free Gal’s Podcast is now live.

I didn’t know that mold was the cause of my health problems until it was too late. 322 palabras más

Chemical Free Gal