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Jorge Guillén: Death in the Distance

        I supported the brilliance of pure death.

Once in awhile I feel an anguish,
And my future shudders before me.
A wall suddenly stalks… 287 palabras más
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Death series part three: Seek and ye shall not find


by César Vallejo

I’m sitting here on the old patio

beside your absence. It is a black well.

We’d be playing, now. . . I can hear Mama yell… 1.021 palabras más

José Emilio Pacheco: High Treason

I don’t love my country.

Its abstract brilliance

is unapproachable.

But (as bad as it sounds)

I’d die

for ten places,

a few folks,

ports, forests, deserts, forts, 145 palabras más

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Michael Simms: Minneapolis

He died in Minneapolis on an ordinary day,
A day we’ll all remember.
We can't turn away. It was a day
Like this one, a Monday, in Spring. 148 palabras más
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Poetry Corner: Masses by César Vallejo

Masses by César Vallejo, 1939, translation by Robert Bly.

César Abraham Vallejo Mendoza was a Peruvian poet, writer, playwright, and journalist.
Born the 11th child to parents who were both of mixed Spanish and Quechua Native origins, Vallejo as a child witnessed at first hand hunger and poverty and the injustices done to the indigenous peoples of the region. 226 palabras más

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Pablo Neruda: The Riddles

You have asked me what the crustacean spins between its limbs of gold

and I answer: the sea knows it.

Tell me what the ascidian waits for in its transparent bell. 551 palabras más

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