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Steps for Setting up Rancid + CentOS + Git

Setting up Rancid so that it pushes config up into a Git repository. This way you have Rancid getting the config when it changes, and Git storing a history of those changes. 221 palabras más

System Maintenance

GCP centos yum install tomcat

yum list | grep tomcat
yum -y install tomcatsystemctl status tomcatsystemctl start tomcat
yum -y install tomcat-webapps tomcat-admin-webapps

However after installing, tomcat page shows ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR… 25 palabras más


How to create a SSL certificate for HTTPS on CentOS 7.X (and errors)

Image of the “not secure” message taken from this site

One of the annoyances you may find as a web developer is the handling of… 458 palabras más


Setting up a Mockserver using NodeJs (via node package manager (npm)) on Centos from scratch in 10minutes!!

Today, lets try to install, the nodejs package, Node.js being an open-source cross-platform which uses JavaScript (JS) runtime environment, which is presently used for backend application development. 446 palabras más

AlmaLinux 8.3 Beta is released – ‘Excellent job for a Beta!

How many replacement OSes will there be for CentOS? I had moved to CentOS Stream before Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) made the announcement, having found that I liked the CentOS Stream Desktop OS ability a ‘ 1.706 palabras más


Error: Unable to register: Zero Bytes were transmitted or received on Slurm 20.02.4 CentOS 7.9

This is my second post after touching the slurm configuration to add a few new nodes. I have already prepared scripts that are doing most of the install. 300 palabras más


Slurm 20.02.4 install and installing errors on CentOS 7.9

If you don’t know SLURM (A Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management) you should. The 20.02 of the title is not a recent version (the latest slurm at this moment is… 272 palabras más