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Review FRACTAL UNIVERSE 'The Impassable Horizon'

French metal outfit Fractal Universe started in 2013 and let the debut album ‘Engram of Decline’ off the leash in 2017. This record paved the way for the band to sign a deal with Metal Blade Records, who released the sophomore album ‘Rhizomes of Insanity’ in 2019. 527 palabras más


Review THE CEO 'Redemption'

A CEO is defined as Chief Executive Officer and the definition is now enlarged with The CEO also being a metal band, hailing from the US. 373 palabras más


CD REVIEW - Abertooth Lincoln (various singles)

Who? What?

In summary, Abertooth Lincoln is an aggressive, spacey hardcore progressive punk band from Dayton Ohio whose music is heavy, weird, complicated, presented in glittery space pants and 80’s glam metal vibes. 783 palabras más

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Review FARGO 'Strangers D'Amour'

Timing is often everything. Being at the right moment at the right place is as good as delivering the right album at the right time. ‘Stranger D’Amour’ is such an album that fits perfectly into the European summer season. 490 palabras más


CD Review – Magenta – Angels And Damned

It’s hard to believe that Welsh proggers Magenta have been around for over twenty years now. Since they first emerged on the UK prog scene they’ve worked hard and established a quite decent reputation and produced some very well received albums, earning awards along the way for both the band itself and for the musicians as individuals. 615 palabras más

Review TIMO TOLKKI'S AVALON 'The Enigma Birth'

Timo Tolkki, that was one of the driving forces of Stratovarius, the Finnish metal outfit that released a solid number of excellent metal albums in a time, when a lot of metal bands struggled. 486 palabras más


Chris Geith - Invisible Reality

Keyboardist Chris Geith has made a name for himself in the smooth jazz world with albums like Timeless World (2007),  Island Of A Thousand Dreams  116 palabras más

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