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Cleaning in the campo ...

I’ve always been very house proud, I mean for goodness sake I used to iron dusters! Ive always tried to look my best too – I’m no stunner by a long chalk, but a bit of makeup, clean styled hair etc, nice clothes etc were always important. 1.278 palabras más

Daily Life

Residir: Furia y Colmillo

Entrevista a Jimena Andrade, gestora del proyecto ‘Furia y Colmillo’

Por Tania Fuentes*.

A través de la voz de la artista colombiana Jimena Andrade conoceremos la experiencia del Proyecto Furia y Colmillo, el cuál tuvo sus inicios en el año 2014 en Guasca, Cundinamarca.

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Hens and eggs ...

At the moment we have 5 hens, and average 4 eggs a day from them. We were getting slightly overrun with eggs so decided to start selling some. 515 palabras más

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Here comes summer!

So here we are, just into May and the temperature is swaying between 22 and 30 degrees – lovely when you’re on holiday with nothing to do! 524 palabras más

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Something a little like normal ...

After the last year of lurching from one lockdown to another, there’s a lighter feeling starting to settle, something a little like being closer to life pre coronavirus. 693 palabras más

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Luna & Persi

Persi has been with us now for 6 weeks and he’s grown a lot in that time! He was tiny and just nine weeks old when we got him from the rescue shelter in Almeria. 414 palabras más

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