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All Trump Supporters should "DARWIN" THEMSELVES

YOU PEOPLE who support Donald J. Trump are HATERS!

YOU PEOPLE who support Donald J. Trump are RACISTS!

YOU PEOPLE who support Donald J. Trump are DUMBASSES! 74 palabras más

President Donald Trump

Cleveland, 28 April 1808

General Boon emerges from his tent in the early hours of 28 April 1808. It is overcast and drizzling. His orders are to advance as far into Lyons as possible. 717 palabras más


Tasmanian Campaign: 28 April 1808

  • Weather
    • North: Light Rain
    • South: Fair
    • West: Fair – Muddy (two days of fair weather to clear)
    • Bass Strait: Heavy Rain (3 days), Storms at Sea …
  • 344 palabras más

MSc Climate Change study - can you help?

Please consider helping Caoimhe with her MSc Climate Change research study. The details are presented below and if you would like to participate here is the link to the survey: … 265 palabras más


No Drama, Switzerland Tourism Campaign feat. Roger Federer and Robert De Niro

As the E.U. announced that it’ll likely be opening up to American this summer, Switzerland launched its new tourism campaign featuring Roger Federer and Robert De Niro. 176 palabras más


These Accursed Solo Wars

the genesis

One of the advantages of the digital content is the ability to share and inspire and show others how the hobby doesn’t have to be a consumer spree and by the arts and crafts of creativity a lot can be achieved. 400 palabras más