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Benefits of Data Management Services

Manage different kinds of official data safely is critical in the present-day world of business. But when data is not managed correctly, it can result in substantial financial losses, waste productivity of employees, and reputation. 237 palabras más

B2B Telemarketing

I Can Only Picture Myself in a Corporate Job.

There, I said it.

Despite encouraging comments from folks who, even with their broad experience, seem to find me unique and possessed of a “clear personal brand”…I cannot imagine a life in which the responsibility for my income falls solely on my shoulders. 404 palabras más

Thought Slough


This day you’ll gonna be thankful if you’re still mentally okay. Work from home is not an easy task.

Yes you can save expenses, no need for commute and most of all you don’t need to worry if someone will come to you is a carrier of covid, when you’re home you feel safe but its not true from my point of view it’s more dangerous when your home because a lot of things comes to your mind that you cant stop play in your mind. 118 palabras más


Telemarketing Outsourcing

Call2Customer is a Professional Telemarketing Service Provider Company in India. Get the Outsourced B2B Telemarketing Call Center Services at reasonable rate.


And Now, for Something Completely Different.


I’ve practically made a pastime out of bitching about working in a call center.

But now, for something completely different.

Truth is, if I ever get out of here, I will probably remember these days with some amount of fondness. 622 palabras más

Thought Slough

Haiku: Call-Centered

Florescent lights glow.
Plastic chair leans to the left.
Chatter everywhere.

Computer screen glows.
Eyes sink further in to skull.
Off to the races.

The first call comes in. 38 palabras más