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5 Ways to be Successful in Call Center/Phone oriented Jobs

**RING RING** Thank you for calling…

Call Center/ Phone oriented job seems easy, BUT it’s more stressful and drains your energy quickly. I mean, by lunch break you’re almost drained and really want to get over with your day. 360 palabras más

Week 2 at an HMO Contact Center

Every once in a while, I take work contracts outside my main careers to push me a little outside my comfort zone or fill in the gaps between larger assignments. 383 palabras más

Today's Thoughts

Book Review: One Night at a Call Center by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat might have been the reason why many youngsters picked up reading as a hobby, but this book somewhat defies this fact.

This is not a story which would attract many readers and create a great fan base, rather it is such a story which might revoke your interest from the author maybe. 279 palabras más

Book Review

Things You Need to Know About Call Center Software

Any business owner recognizes the importance of excellent customer service. Increasing customer satisfaction today frequently boils down to installing a call center solution. This article will provide you with all of the details you need. 574 palabras más

You are unique

I work in an industry some call annoying, others call irritating, and still others call «contact center customer service.» I won’t tell you which category I fall under. 1.940 palabras más


AI enhancing Contact Center performance

Partner AI with your Human Resources to boost your business performance.

Gerd Leonhard wrote on LinkedIn, «Machines are getting smart. AI, fuelled by machine learning brings the end of routine-tasks for us. 227 palabras más

Business Growth

How Every Top Customer Service Outsourcing Company Employs Best Practices For Seasonal Staffing Solutions

Seasonal Staffing is necessary to maintain customer care for businesses during high demand of call center support. Enterprises often face call volume spikes due to holiday seasons, significant events like product launches, or other emergencies. 640 palabras más

Call Center Outsourcing