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Well, after a safe arrival into the Madrid airport, we have traveled to Burgos for a bit of touring before settling in for dinner and rest and Leon. 436 palabras más


Burgers in Burgos - 14 April 2022

An alarm keeps going off in our room, but each time it is snoozed and so we doze off for another 10 or so minutes. As I begin to wake, I can hear pilgrims readying for the day. 748 palabras más

Travels in Spain: Burgos, Part II

So we left the last post after our visit to the Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos (CAB), the city’s contemporary art gallery. Right around the corner from the gallery was the Church of Saint Stephen, which, when set against the Burgos Cathedral, seemed downright small. 641 palabras más


Travels in Spain: Burgos

After our trip to San Sebastian/Donostia, Jesse’ family had to drive back to Madrid to catch their plane back to the States, so instead of making them go out of their way to drop us off in Gijon, we decided to stay a couple nights at a city along the way, Burgos, in the community of Castile y Leon. 898 palabras más


The Train in Spain

View from my train window near Burgos

Travel is always enlightening. It is also occasionally disappointing and tiring, and, if you are traveling alone, lonely. Sometimes it is more than all of this. 227 palabras más


Ola - Holidays

An excellent and needed break

11 days around Spain

Day 1

🚘 333 km

🚶🏻‍♂️ 7,4 km

🖥 Link

Day 2

🚘 446 km

🚶🏻‍♂️ 5,4 km… 99 palabras más