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AI-Powered Chatbots: Reshaping the Future of Business with Artificial Intelligence

Interpreting the nuanced ways humans communicate to deliver responses pertinent to users’ unique needs or wants is the goal driving AI-powered chatbots forward. Built to replicate human-level intelligence, the function of these artificially-intelligent chatbots is not only to efficiently perform mundane tasks but also to augment customer experience and enhance business efficiencies. 476 palabras más



So I recently have had a client in need of an overseer for his site. More or less he needed something to stop unwanted IP addresses from spamming his site. 50 palabras más


Be Kind Please Rewind (Out of character)

Is there anything grosser than a non-published author waxing poetic about their “process”. Yes. Assassin bugs. And house centipedes. And river dolphins. I hate those things. 413 palabras más

Using Discord for Course Communication

Varun Singireddy and Kyle Bourcier from Ferris State University presented a detailed explanation and demo of the use of Discord for communication in courses. I had heard about Discord before and was interested in learning more about its capabilities. 417 palabras más


Binance 24h Liquidation Tracker

Approximately 24 hours ago, my one stop site for information on liquidation events in Binance has stop working. Since it has the pottential to distrup the working flow of my trading bot scripts, i decide to build one my self. 67 palabras más