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What Doesn't Kill You (1)

Subtitled ‘A Life with Chronic Illness – Lessons from a Body in Revolt’ the book offers an insight into what a friend may be going through but also gets into a bit of insurance and doctor bashing that makes it perversely entertaining to one who is still mostly an outsider and not yet a casualty of this country’s health care system. 446 palabras más



You’ve got a favourite book haven’t you?

Most likely a favourite film, song, and TV show too?

So why are those things your favourites?

Sure you can work your way through the various constituent parts and dissect the mechanics of the piece but when you pour everything into the crucible and burn things away, the thing that really sets one thing apart from another comes down to that elusive mystery element of ‘X’. 226 palabras más

Of Atomic Changes and Remarkable Results

My perspective on Atomic Habits by James Clear

I’ve endeavoured to read more this year and how better to stay committed to my goal than to talk about it on the internet? 1.092 palabras más


These Feathered Flames Costume Design

With only one day left until the release of These Feathered Flames, by Alexandra Overy I wanted to share a special project I have been working on for a bit! 95 palabras más


Analysis of 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelly

The original novel continues to be read by wide range of readers. A glance at the title page shows that in composing the book she had two of central myths in Western Tradition in mind. 855 palabras más

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